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Tebow Thankful for Other Good Book

New York — In his first official appearance as a New York Jet, Tim Tebow cited the usual long list of positive influences that helped him arrive in the Big Apple on the biggest stage in football.  But the one that caught people by surprise was “The Good Book,” just probably not the one you’re thinking of.  ”I never claim to achieve my goals alone,” Tebow said with a child-like smile.  ”Without the good book to guide my decisions, who knows where I would be.”  Then Tebow propped a copy of the children’s book, The Legend of Muchacho Spanky on the podium.  Tebow’s smile grew as the audience buzzed.  ”Not what you expected?” he joked.  ”I first read Muchacho Spanky in Denver to a group of 8-year-olds at the library.  I loved it just as much as the kids did!  There’s laughs, excitement, and a really great message.  I always have a copy with me now.” 

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